INTERMODAL FLOW is our ongoing project on containerised global trade.

These maritime routes are the hidden plumbing of globalisation, and their economic, social and environmental implications touch billions of people around the world. Common estimates suggest about 90 percent of the non-bulk cargo being transported worldwide is moved via container shipping. In 2005 alone, 18 million containers made more than 200 million trips around the world. The posts on this blog will gather research in this field, as well as cultural references to the subject.

The idea behind Intermodal Flow is to explore the notion of the international in relation to the visual arts through a collective mobile studio in international waters. Intermodal Containers here reference the spaces inbetween: the routes between countries, discourse between practices and inter-disciplinary collaborations between art processes. Ultimately we aim to host an international artist collaboration by taking advantage of the passenger places available onboard the container ships that sail between the UK and China, some of the largest in the world. This multi-national collective residency will be placed in the context of one of the worlds largest trade routes, literally hitching a ride on the back of one of the primary systems of global trade.

Delta Arts

Delta Arts is an art collective based in Portsmouth and London, UK.

It is a visual arts collaboration between Amy Lloyd, Emma Smith and Oliver Sumner. We work internationally, creating situations for artist exchange and exploring social art practice through mobility. Delta Arts is guided by an Advisory Panel. Members: Sophie Hope, Samar Maakaron, Eduardo Padilha, & Greygory Vass.

We are a not-for-profit company formed in March 2008, company number: 06526023

Delta Arts main blog


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